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平成26年10月19日(日)午後2時  会場:大磯「無?庵(むけいあん)」


担当:吉島正憲 会員








 プレイヤー:HMV Model.122 (78rpm・鉄針用ピックアップ)     
 アンプ:JASON J10 フランス製     






(1) Oh,Lady Be Good                                                             ‘36/4/27

   Benny Goodman(cl) Teddy Wilson(P) Gene Krupa(ds)

(2) DarkEye / Jack Teagarden & his Orchestra                                                ‘41/1/31

   Jack Teagarden(tb) Danny Polo(cl) Arnold Fishkind(b) Ernie Hughes(p) others    

(3) Basie Boogie                                                                                     ‘41/6/2

   Count Basie(P) Ed Lewis,Al Killian,Buck Clayton,Harry Edison(tp) Robert Scott,Eli Robinson,Edward Cuffey(tb)

  Earl Warren,Jack Washington Tab Smith,Don Byas,Buddy Tate(sax) Freddy Green(g) Walter Page(b)  Joe Jones(ds)

(4) Esquire Blues                                                               ‘43/12/4

   Coleman Hawkins(ts) Cootie Williams(tp) Edmond Hall(cl) Art Tatum(p) Al Casey(g) Oscar Pettiford(b) Sid Catlett(ds)

(5) Afternoon Of A Basie-ite                                                                             ‘43/12/28

   Lester Young(ts) John Guarnieri(p) Sidney Catlett(ds) Slam Stewart(b)

(6) You Took Advantage Of Me / Anita O’day                                                             ‘50/12/27

   With Ben Homer & his Orchestra

(7) Later / Ella Fitzgerald & Orchestra directed Sy Oliver                                         ‘54/6/4

(8) Westend Blues                                                                      ‘28/6/28

(9) Tight Like This                                                                                      ‘28/12/12  

   Louis Armstrong(tp) Earl Hines(p) Fred Robinson(tb) Jimmy Strong(cl) Mancy Cara(banj) Zutty Singleton(ds)

(10) Perdido Street Blues                                                        ‘40/5/27

   Louis Armstrong(tp) Louis Russell(p) Claude Jones(tb) Sidney Bechet(cl) Bernard Addison(g) Wellman Brand(b) Zutty Singleton(ds)

(11) Summertime                                                              ‘36/7/10

(12) A Sailboat In The Moonlight                                                                          ‘37/6/15

   Billie Holiday(vo) Buck Clayton(tp) Edmond Hall(cl) Lester Young(ts) James Sherman(p) Freddie Greene(g) Walter Page(b) Jo Jones(ds) 

(13) St. Louis Blues                                                              ‘40/10/15

   Billie Holiday(vo) Bill Coleman(tp) Benny Morton(tb) Benny Carter(cl) George Auld(ts) Sonny White(p) Ulysses Livingston(g)

   Wilson Meyers(b) Yank Porter(ds)

(14) The Mocche                                                                                          ‘28/10/30

   Duke Ellingtin(p) J.Hodges(as) B.Bigard(cl) H.Carney(bs) B.Miley A.Whetsel(tp) J.Nanton(tb) F.Guy(g) W.Brand(b) S.Greer(ds)

(15) Stompy Jones                                                                                           ‘34/1/9

 Duke Ellingtin(p) J.Hodges(as) B.Bigard(cl) H.Carney(bs) C.Williams A.Whetsel F.Jenkins L.Bacon(tp) J.Nanton L.Brown(tb)

  S.Greer(ds) F.Guy(banj) W.Brand(b)  D.Hardwicke(as)

(16) Warm Valley                                                                                            ‘40/11/8  

  Duke Ellingtin(p) J.Hodges(as) B.Bigard(cl) H.Carney(bs) B.Webster(ts) C.Williams R.Stewart W.Jones(tp)

  J.Nanton L.Brown J.Tizol(tb) S.Greer(ds) F.Guy(banj)  D.Hardwicke(as) J.Blanton(b)

(17) Buzzy                                                                                ‘47/5/8

(18) Donna Lee                                                                                              ‘47/5/8

 Bud Powell(p) Tommy Potter(b) Charley Parker(as) Max Roach(ds) Miles Davis(tp)